Home Loans

Buying a home is often the single biggest investment most people make. As a result it is essential for home buyers to ensure they are fully prepared before getting on to the property ladder. Here is some tips for you the homebuyers to consider before buying a property.

How much can I afford to spend on a home?

Before you look for a home it is important to know exactly how much money you can borrow and, most importantly, what monthly repayments you can afford. Affordability should be used as the main factor in deciding the loan amount to apply for. Banks will generally be comfortable should you be able to prove that you have sufficient disposable income after tax and all your monthly expenses to meet the monthly home loan repayment. If the repayment on the property you are looking to buy requires you to cut your monthly expenses to unrealistic levels, your loan will likely not be approved. Your bond originator will be able to help you in calculating and determining what amount you should consider.

Do I qualify for all the criteria that banks consider before awarding a loan?

Ensure that all your paperwork is ready for submission. Employment history is very important as it reflects a pattern of stability and income. For most lenders a consistent income stream is a key criterion when working out how much one can borrow. Lenders will also want to look at your credit history, so that they can see a historic pattern of borrowing and repayment as well as how you have managed you bank accounts and other credit facilities.

Why should I consider a bond originator?

Bond originators specialise in shopping around with multiple banks to give you the best chance of getting your deal approved on the most beneficial terms. Banks all have very different criteria for assessing credit and in how they price loans, so the terms you obtain from one bank may be very different from another bank. The bond originator will work with you to ensure a home loan best suited to your individual needs.