About Us

The key to succesful real estate, is the single point of contact for the home loan process, and real time information on the progress of the bond application. For the homebuyer, the best chance of obtaining the home loan is through receiving quality advice and support, and access to multiple lenders, as well as convenience and competitive rates. If anything, the tough credit environment and the National Credit Act have strengthened the role of and the need for originators. Expert support can make the difference between the homebuyer getting the bond grant or not, and, therefore, between the estate agent closing their sale or not. A good bond consultant is a partner in the estate agents sale and our banking partners recognize originations value proposition to real estate, as a single point of contact for the home loan process, and acknowledge that the expert support that a good bond consultant can offer real estate and the homebuyer is invaluable

Mortgage origination retains a fundamental customer value proposition as access to multiple lenders ensures the best chance of getting the homebuyers bond condition fulfilled. Our statistics show that a consumer applying for a home loan via an originator has a more than 30% better chance of getting a home loan than if they applied only to their own bank. It follows that an industry that provides a customer value proposition to all its stakeholders has a reason for being. Origination offers that customer value proposition across the role players and is therefore sustainable. The mortgage origination industry has undergone radical structural shifts over the last few years, and the model has been tested. The customer value proposition of origination has been a constant throughout and has sustained mortgage origination as an industry.

As a bond originating company we offer further assistance to the estate agents by providing an additional marketing avenue for their properties currently up for sale making the website a convenient one stop facility for buers were they could find their dream home and have their finance arranged in one easy step.